Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Internet Censorship in China, Photos

China's Internet Censorship - China government would want to put an end to Chinese citizens' freedom of speech through the fast-growing popular Chinese microblogging (Weibo) by enforcing some "real-name" identification/registration plans in 2012 - (Photo Source).
(Photo Source)
Google vs China - In early 2010, Google announced to leave the Chinese market. Shortly afterwards, Google started to redirect users from Google.cn to Google.com.hk - (Photo Source).
China Hacking - Allegations to the Chinese government for hacking Gmail accounts - (Photo Source).
Hu Tube - Online videos available on all local Chinese video platforms (e.g. Youku, Tudou, Ku6, etc) are being censored to meet the "taste" of Hu's reign of the modern Chinese Communist Party - (Photo Source):

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  1. Chinese government should consider not censoring the internet. As a subscriber of an Australian broadband service provider, I know the importance of internet use.